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Still gotta fix everything😅
BUT I have to do my homework bc school is about to start 😔
#lynx #feline #bigcat #cintiq #wacom #wip #doodle #sketch


  1. cloudshark

    it looks great so far!!

  2. tikonaartz


  3. jakyross98



    You're so talented, Fulemy ❤ I really like your art it's super detailed

  5. riy_art

    Wooow love it 😍😍😍😍

  6. owlbutter

    Sooooo good

  7. katya_ekaterina99


  8. chromatophoric

    Looks awesome!!

  9. bridgetpavalow


  10. lps_law_productions


  11. kita_yami_ookami

    Still pro !!

  12. ftamaki

    I like this very much.

  13. drentwett

    the flow of your hand is so beautiful! 😍 the movement of the lines is very lovely.

  14. s.okaina

    it's looking great so far!! you should definitely make your schoolwork a top priority, though 👌🏻

  15. nephrodite.the.dragon

    Ugh I hate homework 😑

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